How to book a car?

To book a car you need to do 4 actions:
1. On the main page in the form of a choice enter the desired dates and time of the car's delivery and return, if necessary, select the type of gearbox;
2. Choose the car you like;
3. Select the necessary additional services;
4. Fill in the customer information fields and choose the method of prepayment payment.

What does insurance include?

Our insurance includes the following:
FDW — Full insurance against all risks — no deductible — no collateral
CDW — Full insurance including accidents with an accident — zero deductible — no collateral
WUG — Wheels, tires, glasses and mirrors, as well as body and bottom of the car
TP — In case of theft
PAI — Personal Insurance

In what cases does the insurance not work?

Our insurance does not apply in the following cases:
1. With alcohol and drug intoxication
2. When crossing a double solid line
3. When driving off-road (only asphalt)
4. If the STOP sign is violated

What are the cancellation terms of the reservation?

Changes to the reservation, or refusal to rent a car, must be made at least 3 days (72 hours) before the start of the lease. Otherwise, prepayment or payment for renting a car is not refundable!

What are the conditions with the fuel?

How much fuel will be in the car when filed, the tenant returns in the same amount.

What is the penalty for losing the key?

Fine 150 euros.

Have written out the penalty. Who pays?

Penalties issued by law enforcement agencies are paid by the car tenant.


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