Rental terms

Our insurance covers the following: CDW, FDW, PIA, WUG, FI (zero deductible)

1. Glasses
2. Mirrors
3. Wheels (tires) only on asphalt pavement
4. Third party insurance against collision
5. Personal insurance
6. Body and chassis insurance (only on asphalt pavement)
7. Insurance against theft
8. Fire insurance
9. Zero deductible
10. No locks on your card
12. No monetary pledges
13. The second driver is included in the insurance for free

Our insurance does not apply in the following cases:

1. With alcohol and drug intoxication
2. When crossing a double solid line
3. When driving off-road (only asphalt). We notice that some of the guests still run the risk of driving up to Balos, Gramvousa of which we always warn that they are risking that does not happen in this part, the guest (the customer) pays the full damage to the car. We hope for your understanding, and we know for sure that if you got on this road, you would not have traveled by your car!
4. If the STOP sign is violated


How much fuel will be in the car when filed, the tenant returns in the same amount. Loss of a key is fine 150 €

Fines paid by law enforcement agencies are paid by the car tenant.

Our preferences:

For maximum possible smoking in the car
Watch the car as your own
Not to race on the roads
Adhere to the rules of the road

Do not experiment with any extreme tests
Do not be lazy to do an extra maneuver in order to park.
Do not run into the curbs.
After swimming in the sea does not sit in wet swimsuit in the car (there are salt spots)
Do not put your feet on the dashboard

Cancellation terms:

Changes or refusal to rent a car in Crete must be made at least 3 days (72 hours) before the start of the lease. Otherwise, prepayment or payment for car rental is not refundable!

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